The Warrior 360º body worn camera is adaptable and can be mounted in a variety of locations based on the officers and departments needs and preferences. It is designed to be mounted on the officer’s shoulder to provide a complete 360º view of the situation around the officer. However, it can also be chest mounted to provide a 240º field-of-view recording as well.



The Warrior 360° is the first and only 360° body camera on the market providing a full 360° view surrounding the officer at all times. Capture what the officer is facing as well as what is happening in the peripheral.

Tell The Whole

Story in 360!

The Warrior can show when a gun is drawn, the officer’s facial expressions, what is happening to the left and right and, even more importantly, what’s happening behind the officer.

Warrior 360 Degree Body Worn Camera vs. Forward Facing Body Cameras

Move the screen with mouse or touch to experience the traffic stop in 360, even when the officer travels outside the camera view.

Forward-facing technology only captures what is happening in front of the camera.

Law Enforcement Tools

for the 21st Century

Watch this video to see how the full system works in the field and then how it dramatically simplifies tagging and retrieving of data, saving departments thousands of man-hours per year.



Fortify™ is an intuitive, user friendly digital case and evidence management platform, designed by cops for cops. Fortify streamlines the way officers manage their digital evidence, saving them precious time in the field.

Tools are intuitive and feature an easy but robust search function. Officers can enter data into a case, automatically syncing video data. Data can be shared with authorized users while maintaining data security and chain of custody integrity.

Save With


Based on a department with 35 officers with an average salary of $49,808 Most Evidence Management solutions average one hour per officer per day after video upload. Fortify cuts that time in half – saving over $100k per year!

Fortify is


Fortify is adaptable to the needs of the department, offering Cloud-based storage, on-site local storage, or a hybrid of the two that allows review and management over an SSL connection on any computer with Internet. This eliminates the need for officers to manage video after their shift.