The Armor program extends the manufacturer’s warranty from 12 months to 18 months and offers “Line of Duty” insurance, covering the product from line of duty loss, damage, or destruction. If, within the 18-month period, the product is lost, damaged, or destroyed while in use by the issued officer during an incident for which a case number or incident number was issued, the product will be replaced/repaired** at no cost to the customer.

If the customer signs a 3 year Fortify Storage contract in addition to the Armor program, the customer will be guaranteed a 30% reduced price (off MSRP) for the newest technology offered by BLI in the Warrior body camera family at month 19 or any month thereafter by simply extending the Armor program.   All Armor Program coverages begin again for the purchased replacement for another 18-month period.

** See warranty & Armor program terms