Blue Line Innnovations’ Armor Warranty Program

Extended Warranty

The Armor program extends the original warranty for a total period of 18 months (“Armor Period”).  All terms and conditions of the original warranty are extended to this period.

Line of  Duty Insurance

The Armor Program protects the product from “in the line of duty” damage for a period of 18 months from the original purchase date.  For a period of 18 months, if the product is lost, damaged, or destroyed while in use by the issued officer during an incident for which a case number or incident number was issued, the product will be replaced/repaired** at no cost to the customer.  The product will not be covered for negligence, accidental, or intentional loss, damage, or destruction if the officer was not performing police duties as outlined above.

A copy of the police report during which the officer was active, accompanied with a report describing how the product was lost, damaged, or destroyed, signed by a superior officer must be provided with an “Armor Incident Report” to claim for a replacement or repair to be approved.  Upon receipt of all required documentation, the BLI Customer Service Manager will determine approval the same day.  Upon approval, BLI will ship a replacement camera to the customer.


The customer must be current on Armor payments at the time of loss, damage, or destruction for a product to be covered.  If the 18-month term is paid up front, all terms will be applicable during the entire period.  If the monthly plan is selected, payments shall be up to date for coverage to be applicable.

*The Armor program does not extend to accessory items.

** BLI will replace one camera and repair a camera one time during the 18-month Armor Program period.