Chattanooga Company Launches 360 Degree Camera for Motor Police and Military K9s

Chattanooga Company Launches 360 Degree Camera for Motor Police and Military K9s


By Lori Mitchell, Reporter


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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) – There’s a new high-tech tool for four-legged crime fighters. Watch the video here.

Channel 3 recently reported on a local company launching a 360-degree body camera for law enforcement and military.

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Now, that same company is unveiling similar technology for police and military K9s.

Channel 3 got an inside look at how it could help solve crime.

The company is Blue Line Innovations based in Chattanooga.

It describes the K9 360 as the “world’s first 360-degree body camera designed for law enforcement and military K9 use.”

The device mounts to the harness and shows a full view of everything happening around the K9.

“If you have to send the dog into a building before the officer goes in now you can stand and watch with an iPad and see what’s in that building before the officers enter,” says CEO Mark Hutchinson.

Hutchinson, a former officer, has launched other high-tech tools for police including the Motor 360, a helmet mounted camera designed specifically for motor officers.

“When they park their motorcycle, the handle bars turn and the motorcycle leans over so the video is pointing in the wrong direction and they have to turn it around manually. When the officer is driving down the road, the camera is pointing in the opposite direction so it’s presented a problem for years,” says Hutchinson.

Blue Line Innovations is partnering with Super Seer, the leading manufacturer of law enforcement helmets in America. The company’s helmets are made in America too.

In today’s world where cell phones show everything we do, Hutchinson says the 360-degree technology used in this way for police and military will help capture evidence and prosecute cases.

The K9 camera costs $700.

The helmet and camera together will cost around $1,100.