Capture the Whole

Story in 360!

The Guardian 360 is a fully autonomous and self-sustaining surveillance platform designed for temporary or long-term deployments. It wirelessly delivers video over 4G-5G cellular network connection, or via WiFi or WiMax.

Benefits of Guardian 360 Surveillance Cameras

  • Force Multiplier – More “police” eyes on scene
  • Unlimited views from anywhere in the field via internet connected devices
  • High Crime area surveillance and crime activity deterrent
  • Capture criminal activity footage

  • Stream video to a remote center
  • Portable surveillance in remote areas
  • Can be branded with your department name and logo
  • Units are engineered, built and maintained through BLI

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Guardian 360°

Use Guardian 360 Surveillance Cameras on high value assets such as bridges to monitor traffic concerns and homeland security risks. Position it in areas where large numbers of people gather for high-profile events. It’s mobile design allows quick deployment to locations where crimes such as thefts, vandalism, and drug related activities are prevalent.

Key Features

  • Transportable and deploys in less than 30 minutes – one switch turn-on, connects to the cellular network
  • Provides live video feeds to any smart mobile device such as phone, iPad, laptop, etc. that may be used in the field by security personnel.
  • Platform agnostic – remote control compatible with standard PC, Android, Apple, etc.

  • Video can be fed into any existing security center without need for another layer of software integration…all web based.
  • Integrated HD day/night cameras
  • Camera options include PTZ, IR, and 360 camera.