Slide K-9 360° CAMERA

Tell the Whole Story

in 360!

The K-9 360° is the only camera designed for law enforcement & military K-9 use. It’s low profile allows the dog to entire tight spaces while capturing full 360 (degree) video of the dog’s activity. Watch a search on a mobile device live via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Benefits of K-9 360 Cameras

  • Low profile design suited to mount securely to a variety of K-9 harnesses
  • Versatile and mobile, provides a real-time wireless 360° situational awareness system between the dog handler and K-9
  • Captures footage of what the dog sees and hears, monitors the dog’s and suspect’s activity, location and apprehension in 360° video

  • The application supports public safety and humanitarian K-9 events such as building and vehicle clearance, search and rescue, border or facilities patrol, counter narcotics, and article search
  • Can be remotely monitored via Bluetooth connection to smartphone or tablet for short distances

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K-9 360° Camera

Key Features

  • The world’s only 360 camera developed for K-9 use in law enforcement and military applications.
  • 12 hour operation time – 4 hours continuous record
  • Captures a 360 degree view of in-car searches. Pause the video on play back to view the entire vehicle compartment.
  • Recharge battery with mini-USB cell phone charger for in-car charging
  • 30 second pre-event recording

  • Compatible with the Warrior 360 & Sentinel 360 for synchronized play back of video evidence.
  • Web based, intuitive Digital Case & Evidence Management solution – Fortify
  • Six port dock allows for data upload and in-office charging
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

See the K-9 360 in Action

Watch this video to see how the full system works in the field and then how it dramatically simplifies tagging and retrieving of data, saving departments thousands of man-hours per year.

Move the video in full 360° with mouse or touch