Next Generation of

Law Enforcement Technology

The Sentinel 360 captures what is usually lost with a standard in-car video camera. No longer will officer incidents travel outside the camera view. Simply move the screen to continue watching what other cameras miss.

Benefits of Sentinel 360 In-Car Cameras

  • Captures a wider field of view through windshield to give a more accurate account of events.
  • Provides greater in-car monitoring of suspects to ensure statements and actions are recorded.

  • Decreases the ability for false accusations by having entire car video recorded.
  • Capture violations prior to activation with pre-event recording.

Sentinel In-car 360 Degree Camera vs. In-car Forward Facing Camera

Move the screen with mouse or touch to experience the traffic stop in 360, even when the officer travels outside the camera view.

Forward-facing technology only captures what is happening in front of the camera.

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Sentinal In-Car View
Sentinel 360° In-Car Camera

Key Features

  • Low light lux provides clear video at night.
  • Front & Rear cameras provide for 360 view of the entire
  • Optional body audio transmitter available for officer audio capture outside the vehicle up to one mile.

  • Compatible with the Warrior 360 body camera for synchronized playback of recorded incidents.
  • 30 second pre-record
  • Web based, intuitive Digital Case & Evidence Management solution – Fortify
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty