Law Enforcement

In full 360!

The Tactical 360 is the world’s first and only riot helmet with a low-profile camera integrated into the top of the helmet to provide a full 360° view surrounding the officer at all times.

Benefits of Tactical 360 Helmet Cameras

  • Captures 360° video and audio during potentially aggressive incidents
  • Designed to meet various threat levels including low-velocity projectiles, bottles, rocks, and bricks
  • Bluetooth triggers video when emergency equipment is activated

  • Riot face shields are designed to fit over most gas masks with an optional rubber seal to prevent fluids from getting into the officer’s face and eyes
  • Waterproof & Shockproof
  • 60 FPS, Frame Rate

Blue Line Innovations and Super Seer have teamed up to provide officers with innovative helmet solutions that introduce new features and applications needed to protect and improve the officers’ effectiveness in the field.

TACTICAL 360° Helmet Camera

Key Features

  • World’s first true 360º body camera capturing the full picture of an incident in seamless 360º video
  • 12 hour operation time – 4 hours continuous record
  • Light sensitive to .5 lux, does not have the ability to see better than officer’s eyes
  • No lights or LCD screen to mark officer as a target
  • 30 second pre-event recording

  • Captures the entire story in 360
  • ABS molded plastic liner seals and protects from solvents, hair oils and body perspiration
  • Rugged fiberglass full coverage shell with multiple layer impact absorbing materials
  • Web based, intuitive Digital Case & Evidence Management solution – Fortify
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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