Capture the Whole

Story in 360!

The Tower 360º is a fully autonomous and self-sustaining surveillance platform uniquely designed for use in remote locations or where power and network connectivity is unavailable. Surveil high crime areas in 360 while viewing live via 4GLTE connectivity. Perfect for long duration surveillance.

Benefits of Tower 360 Mobile Surveillance Trailer

  • Force Multiplier – More “police” eyes on scene
  • Unlimited views from anywhere in the field via internet connected devices
  • High Crime area surveillance and crime activity deterrent
  • Capture criminal activity footage

  • Stream video to a remote center
  • Portable surveillance in remote areas
  • Can be branded with your department name and logo
  • Units are engineered, built and maintained through BLI

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Tower 360°

Key Features

  • Transportable and deploys in less than 30 minutes – one switch turn-on, connects to the cellular network
  • Provides live video feeds to any smart mobile device such as phone, iPad, laptop, etc. that may be used in the field by security personnel.
  • Platform agnostic – remote control compatible with standard PC, Android, Apple, etc.

  • Video feeds can be provided into any existing security center without need for another layer of software integration…all web based.
  • Full 360 degree view of surveilled areas unlike tilt & zoom cameras.
  • Fully customizable for any application: Video, Weather/Environmental, Gas Detection
  • Standard Unit comes with available PTZ, IR and now the new 360 4K Tower