Tell the Whole Story

in 360!

The Warrior 360 is the first and only 360° body camera on the market providing a full 360° view surrounding the officer at all times. Capture what the officer is facing as well as what is happening in the peripheral.

Benefits of Warrior 360 Body Cameras

  • Increases transparency and accountability of officers
  • Minimize frivolous complaints about police officer behavior and the unnecessary use of force
  • Accurate witness and victim statements on scene

  • Captures the complete unbiased evidence of an event
  • The first body camera in the world to allow recording of events behind the officer

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WARRIOR 360° Body Camera

Key Features

  • World’s first true 360º body camera capturing the full picture of an incident in seamless 360º video
  • 12 hour operation time – 4 hours continuous record
  • Light sensitive to .5 lux, does not have the ability to see better than officer’s eyes
  • No lights or LCD screen to mark officer as a target
  • 30 second pre-event recording

  • Recharge battery with mini-USB cell phone charger for in-car charging
  • Web based, intuitive Digital Case & Evidence Management solution – Fortify
  • Six port dock allows for data upload and in-office charging
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty