Blue Line Innovations Launches World’s First 360° Body Camera

Blue Line Innovations Launches World’s First 360° Body Camera

The first body camera able to capture all the facts around an officer, increasing transparency


Lori Miles, (267)-507-1361

Chattanooga, Tennessee—Blue Line Innovations, LLC today announced it is now offering the Warrior360, the world’s first 360° body camera for law enforcement. Its patented design opens the door to better transparency with its unique ability to securely capture, upload, and store a complete 360° view of an event. Traditional forward-facing body cameras are outdated—only capturing pieces of a story. The Warrior 360 is a lightweight, durable body camera capable of up to 4k light resolution, 360° panoramic or point-of-view (POV) video recording at 30 mbps.

“The Warrior 360 technology provides a level of transparency and evidential value that no other body camera can match,” said Mark Hutchinson, founder and CEO of Blue Line Innovations. “It’s the only body camera in the world that can capture what occurs around the officer, not only what’s in front. Our company is proud to provide law enforcement and local communities with a new level of awareness.”

Video is stored on internal memory in the Warrior 360 and via Fortify, which is Blue Line’s evidence management platform built on the world’s fastest cloud service. The platform is safe, secure, and always available following CJIS and FedRamp compliance. Fortify is an end-to-end solution that equips law enforcement to make more efficient reporting decisions. It saves officers time with a simple interface and automatic uploads. Fortify is designed for officers to see, tag, and manage digital evidence while in the field, promising 30-second entry times and 100 percent automation from all available sources.