Chattanooga Company Launches ‘game-changing’ 360 Degree Body Camera

Chattanooga Company Launches ‘Game-Changing’ 360 Degree Body Camera


By Lori Mitchell, Reporter


Lori Miles, (267)-507-1361

A Chattanooga company is launching what it describes as the world’s first 360-degree body camera. Watch the video here.

Mark Hutchinson is the CEO of Blue Line Innovations, the company that is releasing the Warrior360, a body camera for law enforcement that has the ability to see everything around it, not just what’s in front of it.

“The 360-degree technology is out there in other markets but it’s never been applied to law enforcement,” Hutchinson told Channel 3.

Hutchinson spent many years of his career working in law enforcement and says the idea of a 360-degree body camera came from a real need.

“We all know that everybody is recording with cell phones and that’s where a lot of the story is coming from that comes to the media,” said Hutchinson. “Now we can capture the entire video and not just what has been edited by some third party. We want to tell all of the story and not just part of it. We want to increase the transparency between law enforcement and the community.”

Video evidence is an important part of police work and the justice system. Police body cameras are used to help solve crimes and prosecute cases.

“Now they can tell more of the story to the jury with a simple piece of video,” Hutchinson said. “Instead of saying ‘well, this happened, we can’t see what happened over there but we can hear it,’ now you can see it, so it can really fill in the gaps of what we haven’t had to show in prosecution in the last several years.”

The 360-degree body camera is designed to be worn on the officer’s shoulder and can even capture expressions on the officer’s face.

Hutchinson says the device is capable of up to 4k light resolution and can hold hours of video.

It’s being marketed to law enforcement, K9s and military worldwide.

The cost of the camera is $700, but that price doesn’t include the storage fee.

Blue Line Innovations is partnering with another Chattanooga company, Mike Collins & Associates, to provide storage and evidence protection.

Blue Line Innovations plans to release a 360-degree in-car camera system for law enforcement within the next month.